Home-grown and Hand-made
in Mendocino County, California

Flower Power uses only the finest naturally and organically grown ingredients
in the preparation of our small batch hand-crafted cannabis topicals.

Flower Power is committed to consistently creating the finest herbal skin care products,
while practicing earth care ethics and right-livelihood.


At the Flower Power homestead we believe all people should have access to the highest quality all-natural plant medicine. All of our cannabis is Sun-Grown because we feel cultivating in natural environmental conditions with organic standards produces plants in peak health and vitality, as well as a reduction in carbon footprint.

We cultivate a diverse polyculture of annuals and perennials that include nutrient-fixing cover crops, vegetables, culinary and medicinal herbs and flowers. As well as maintaining orchards of fruits, nuts and berries along with honey bees and native pollinator habitat. All of this life combines to create a healthy and resilient environment that supports the growth of our highly nutritious, aromatic and delicious high grade cannabis.

We then use traditional medicine making techniques to infuse and combine our cannabis with only the finest ethically sourced and organically grown ingredients for our small batch hand-crafted cannabis topicals.
From seed to salve we do it all here, home-grown and hand-made in Mendocino County. Experience what topical cannabis can do for you.


I have been having on going problems with my lower back. Applying the muscle, joint and bruise balm brings immediate relief. I massage it in before bedtime and wake up pain free in the morning!
The super salve has worked great on healing a variety of cuts, scrapes, chapped lips, diaper rash etc. I love that it is safe and natural to use on my infant son.

Angela C. - Professional Dancer & Mother - Boulder, CO

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Herbal Skin Care Products – Cannabis Infused




An all around anti-bacterial and anti-fungal first aid topical salve. Treats minor cuts and wounds, itchy rashes, bug bites, athlete’s foot, acne, dry skin and
more. This is a must have for every medicine chest.

This soothing remedy is made with natural sun-grown cannabis, solar infused in organic olive oil and blended with five other medicinal plants. In a base of coconut oil, shea, cocoa butter and beeswax, gently scented with German blue chamomile and lavender essential oils.

Deep Muscle Rub

A non-greasy, easily absorbable and silky smooth liniment lotion. Rub it in to alleviate inflammation, ease sore muscles, joints, ligaments, nerve pain, arthritis, sciatica and more. Feels great everywhere! We use our own all natural, sun-grown cannabis in a triple infusion of organic olive oil, alcohol and glycerine for a wider range of plant medicine. This blend is merged with arnica, aloe vera gel, volcanic water and rosemary hydrosol. Enhanced with essential oils purposely chosen for their warming and cooling properties, anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities as well as a light soothing scent.
A prescription for relief.



This powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving blend, provides a broad spectrum of relief for arthritis, sore muscles, joints, ligaments, bruising and nerve pain. All natural sun-grown cannabis and organic arnica are solar infused in organic olive oil then combined with five herbal allies.
Blended with almond oil, beeswax and a touch of castor oil for deep penetration, scented with menthol, camphor and sage for that tingling icy hot feeling.

At this time, our Cannabis infused products are only available at licensed dispensaries in California.
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FLOWER POWER Herbal Skin Care Products
are also available in Non Cannabis versions.

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